Bees & Hornets

Bees Hornets

Bees Hornets


  • Honey bees live in large colony of up to 50,000 members.
  • The nest consists of several tiers or combs made of beeswax. It is located in cavities of trees, and building structures.


  • The hornets' nest is a gray, pear-shaped "paper" envelope with several layers of combs inside, hanging from tree limbs and sometimes structures. A mature nest is bigger than a basketball.
  • Hornets become aggressive and will sting when their nest is disturbed or threatened.

Signs of infestation: visual sighting of the hive, nest or swarmers.

Why Control Them?

  • May cause danger to lives

What we do:

  • Chemical spraying.
  • Removal of nest.
  • Precautionary burning.

Hornet Nest
Removal of Beehive
Removal of Hornet Nest
Removal of Hornet Nest
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